Meeting of the Director of the Agency prof. dr Srđa Popović and his associates with the Head of Office of the European Training Foundation – ETF in Montenegro Ms Ulrike Damyanovic and Mr Mounir Baati – Head of the ETF Forum for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training, as well as representatives of the Center for Vocational Education of Montenegro, was held on 6th February 2020 at the premises of the Agency for the Control and Quality Assurance of Higher Education.

The ETF Forum in VET is an initiative of the transnational cooperation between institutions with vocational schools in ETF partner countries. This Forum encourages all member institutions to modernize and improve quality assurance in their vocational education systems by creating context and tools for collaborative learning through transnational cooperation. The ETF promotes a systematic approach to quality assurance in vocational education and the continuous improvement of existing quality assurance policies and measures.

The participants of the meeting expressed their satisfaction about holding the meeting and opening up networking opportunities between these institutions, which would work together to increase the quality of education at all levels: primary, secondary and higher, with a particular focus on vocational training.

One of the reasons for this meeting was the organization of the upcoming event Peer Visit Montenegro – ETF Forum, which will be held from 25-27 March 2020 in Podgorica, while hosted by the Center for Vocational Education of Montenegro and the Ministry of education. The aim of the event is to establish a common methodology for the external evaluation of vocational schools, as well as to obtain feedback on a quality assurance measure that requires further revision.

The representatives of the Agency expressed their readiness to contribute to the further development and improvement of vocational education in Montenegro by participating in the aforementioned event and proposing concrete measures for quality enhancement.

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