Presentation of the project „Integration of key competences into the education system of Montenegro“

Meeting of the director of the Agency prof. dr Srđa Popović and his associates with experts of the project „Integration of key competences into the education system of Montenegro“ Mr. Boris Ćurković and Ms. Maja Jukić, as well as the project manager on behalf of the Ministry of education Ms. Bojana Živković, was held on 3rd October 2019 at the premises of the Agency for the Control and Quality Assurance of Higher Education.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the quality of education in Montenegro through the development of key competences and their integration at all levels of the education system – primary, secondary and higher.

The participants of the meeting agreed to include key competences into the by-laws applied by the Agency in performing its basic competences, especially through their recognition in the criteria for the accreditation of study programs and the reaccreditation of higher education institutions, and to include representatives of the Agency within the Working groups which will be in charge for the implementation of the project in question.

The project is managed by the Ministry of education, and besides the Agency, other stakeholders who will take part in the project activities are as follows: Institute for education, Examination Center, Center for vocational education, University of Montenegro, as well as other educational institutions, proving the readiness of all key actors for permanent improvement of education at all levels.

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