Re-accreditation Procedure

1.Institution submits/files a request for reaccreditation of the institution with all supporting documents. Information and supporting documents are available in the website of the Agency in the category: Quality Control>Reaccreditation>Rules.

2.The Agency checks if the reaccreditation request meets formal requirements and if it is timely.

3.If the request is not complete, the Agency requests from the Institution to add the missing documents or to correct the deficiencies (the applicant has to do so within eight days from receiving the order).

4.After it is established that the material is complete, an expert commission for reaccreditation is formed. The Commission is formed by the Director of the Agency.

5.Members of the Commission and coordinator/secretary visit the institution.

6.After the visit to the institution, members of the Commission prepare and send report on reaccreditation of the institution, which has to contain reaccreditation opinion (within 30 days from the day of the visit to the institution)

7.The Agency can decide to return the reaccreditation report to the commission for improvement or to render a decision on reaccreditation.

8.The Commission is obliged to improve and submit to the Agency the final reaccreditation report with reaccreditation opinion within 8 days.

9.The Agency renders the decision related to the request for reaccreditation of the institution (within 8 days from the day of receiving the final reaccreditation report).

10.The Agency sends the decision and report on reaccreditation to the institution.

11.The Agency issues the certificate on reaccreditation of the institution.

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