Experts List

According to the Law on Higher Education “Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 44/2014, 52/2014 – corrigendum, 47/2015, 40/2016, 42/2017, 71/2017, 55/2018, 3/2019, 17/2019 – other law, 47/2019, 72/2019 and 74/2020, 104/2021 and 86/22), the Agency for Control and Quality Assurance of Higher Education for the implementation of procedures for accreditation of study programs and re-accreditation of higher education institutions shall establish a Commission. The Commission is formed from independent experts (academic staff, students and business representatives) from Montenegro and abroad from the list of experts determined by the Agency after a public call. The public call is open all year round, and the lists are updated at the end of each quarter.

Unique lists of experts can be downloaded at the following links:

According to the Decision on determining the list of experts for accreditation of study programs, i.e. re-accreditation of higher education institutions, the list was updated on April 1st,  2024.

Application for the list of experts – A public call for applications for the list of experts is open throughout the year. Interested experts can apply at the following links:

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