Organizational Scheme


Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports supervises the work of the Agency.
Steering Committee and Director of the Agency are appointed by the Government for four years, following a proposal of the Ministry of Education, and their competencies are defined by the Articles of Association of the Agency for Control and Quality Assurance of Higher Education and Law on Higher Education.

Steering Committee is competent in a part of organizational and financial operations of the Agency to:

    • pass the Articles of Association, act on internal organization and systematization of job positions and other acts in accordance with the Articles of Association;
    • make the decision announcing the election of a Director of the Agency;
    • file to the Government the initiative for dismissal of a President or a member of the Steering Committee ;
    • adopt the annual work program of the Agency;
    • adopt the annual financial plan;
    • adopt the annual financial report, not later than by 31 March of the current year;
    • adopt the annual performance report of the Agency, not later than by 31 March of the current year;
    • propose the amount of compensationfor the services rendered;
    • suggest the internal audit of the financial operations;
    • pass the Rules of Procedures;
    • do other jobs laid down by the Law and this Decision on establishment and other acts of the Agency.

Director, as legal representative and representative of the Agency, is liable for the implementation of the evaluation procedures. Additionally, he/she is in charge

    • managing the work and operations of the Agency and be liable for the legitimacy of the Agency’s work;
    • preparing the Performance Reports of the Agency and Annual Financial Report;
    • enforcing the decisions of the Steering Committee;
    • proposing the Act on internal organization and systematization of the Agency;
    • proposing the annual program of work, annual financial plan and is liable for their accomplishment;
    • submitting Performance Reports of the Agency and other reports to the Steeering Committee of the Agency;
    • executing decisions of the Steering Committee;
    • proposing the Decision on association, Act on internal organization and systematization of the job positions of the Agency and adopt other acts from the scope of work of the Agency;
    • making the decisions on employment and termination of the employment of employees of the Agency in accordance with the Law;
    • advertising Public Call on the basis of which he/she establishes the list of experts for the accreditation of study programmes, that is, reaccreditation of institutions;
    • setting up the Commissions for the purposes of implementing the procedures stipulated by the Law from the scope of work of the Agency;
    • designating a Secretary among the employees for carrying out administrative and professional tasks for the needs of the Expert Committees;
    • engaging associates for expert jobs in relation to the activity of the Agency;
    • concluding Cooperation Contracts and Agreements;
    • ensuring protection and occupational health and safety at work in accordance with the law;
    • ensuring keeping and storing of the records and documentation in the Agency;
    • doing other jobs laid down by the Law and Articles of Association of the Agency.

Quality Control Department implements the procedures of accreditation of study programmes and lifelong learning programmes, reaccreditation of higher education institutions as well as periodic and follow-up controls, cooperating with the institutions in all phases of accreditation or reaccreditation period and suggests measures for the quality improvement.

    • Deputy director for Quality Control: mr Maja Vuković
    • Independent Advisor I for Quality Control: dr Tamara Đuričković
    • Independent Advisor I for accreditation and reaccreditation: Ana Rutović
    • Independent Advisor III for Quality Control: mr Aldina Purišić
    • Independent Advisor III for the evaluation of higher education institutions: Kemal Demirović

Quality Assurance and Research Department cooperates with international organizations and associations in the area of quality assurance, coordinates projects, manages databases of the higher education system and quality assurance, carries out researches for the policies of quality assurance and proposes measures for quality improvement.

    • Deputy Director for Quality Assurance and Research: mr Tijana Stanković
    • Independent Advisor I for International Relations: Milica Kavedžić
    • Independent Advisor II for International Relations: mr Dunja Bulajić
    • Independent Advisor II for Quality Assurance: Jelena Đukanović

Personnel, General Affairs and Finances Department takes care of exercising labour rights, does financial activities, public procurement, preparation of financial and performance reports and takes care of bookkeeping and office operations.

  • Head: Gordana Novaković Vuksanović
  • Independent Advisor II for Public Procurement: Nevena Boričić
  • Archivist, Independent Officer: Lidija Ćaćić
  • Technical Secretary, Independent Officer: Tijana Drobnjak
  • Independent Officer: Nikola Sekulić
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