Bologna Process

Bologna Declaration is the joint declaration of European Ministers of Education signed in Bologna in June 1999. It refers to the reform of higher education systems in Europe and it is a foundation of the Bologna Process.

The key goal of the Bologna Process is to develop European Higher Education Area in order to improve employment and mobility of population, as well as to achieve international competitiveness of the European higher education.

European Higher Education Area as initiative was formally launched on 12 March 2010 at Ministerial Conference in Budapest and Vienna. The objective of this initiative was intensification of cooperation between the higher education institutions throughout Europe and improving mobility. Currently, the total of 48 countries comprises the European Higher Education System.

Montenegro has participated in the Bologna Process since 2003, and the membership and status of Montenegro in this process as an independent and internationally recognized state was confirmed in the Ministerial conference held in London in 2007. Through participation in the Bologna process, Montenegro also confirms its performance in European Higher Education Area.

Key task of higher education and implementation of the Bologna Declaration is to ensure that every student can obtain the quality education which can give him/her the knowledge, capabilities and skills that will make him/her competitive in the local, regional and global labour market.

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