Reaccreditation Procedure

  1. The institution submits a Request for re-accreditation of higher education institution along with the accompanying documentation (Form of a self-evaluation report with criteria).
  2. The Agency appoints a coordinator (employee from the Agency) to verify the formal fulfillment of the request (within 10 days from the day of submission). If the institution has not submitted a complete request with proof of payment of administrative tax, the coordinator requests a supplement or elimination of deficiencies (within 8 days).
  3. Once the application is complete, an expert commission is formed to evaluate the Reaccreditation Request (on coordinator’s proposal, within 5 days). The commission is formed by the director of the Agency (min 5 experts for the reaccreditation of the university and min 3 experts for the reaccreditation of other institutions).
  4. The Agency submits to the institution a decision on the appointment of members of the commission, for the purpose of giving opinions. The institution is obliged to submit an opinion on the decision on the formation of the commission (within 3 days). If the institution submits a negative opinion and the Agency deems it justified, the Agency will appoint a new reaccreditation commission.
  5. The Commission, based on the Rules on the procedure of reaccreditation of higher education institution, assesses the request for reaccreditation, prepares a preliminary report –Form for the reaccreditation report with instructions and (together with the coordinator) visits the institution.
  6. After reviewing all the documents and a direct inspection of the work of the institution during the visit, the commission prepares a draft report on reaccreditation of the institution and sends it to the institution. The institution can submit comments and suggestions on the draft (within eight days).
  7. The Commission prepares and submits a final report (signed by all members) with a recommendation that the institution shall be reaccredited / not reaccredited to the Agency (within 30 days from the visit).
  8. The Agency sends the final report on reaccreditation with reaccreditation stance to the institution to give their comments and suggestions (within 8 days).
  9. The Agency may return the reaccreditation report to the Commission for improvement or make a decision on reaccreditation.
  10. The Commission is obliged to improve and submit to the Agency the final reaccreditation report with the reaccreditation position (within 8 days).
  11. The Agency (Director) makes a decision regarding the request for reaccreditation on the basis of the final report on reaccreditation (within 8 days). The Agency informs the institution about the decision on reaccreditation.
  12. The Agency issues a reaccreditation certificate to the institution based on the reaccreditation decision.
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