Assessment of compliance of the Montenegrin system of quality assurance in higher education with European standards

AKOKVO, a participant in the activities of the Working Group for the recognition of diplomas and quality assurance in higher education in the Western Balkans, participated in the process of evaluating the compliance of the Montenegrin higher education quality assurance system with European standards and guidelines (ESG).

The RCC, the coordinator of the Working Group, has engaged three renowned experts from the EU for this purpose. The experts performed the evaluation based on the Agency’s self-evaluation report and an expert online visit in October 2020 to all participants in the quality assurance system of higher education in Montenegro (higher education institutions, students, Ministry, representatives of expert commissions, employers’ representatives). As a result, the document “Review of the Quality Assurance System against European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Montenegro“ was created, which represents an objective and impartial assessment of Montenegrin quality assurance system of higher education in relation to the ESG and a good basis for improving the legal solutions governing this area.

We remind that, through the consistent application of the ESG and its confirmation with the Agency’s membership in ENQA, Montenegro will get the opportunity for its higher education system to be credible, internationally recognized and to continuously improve.

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