An updated list of experts has been published


Agency for Control and Quality Assurance of Higher Education, according to the Law on Higher Education (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 44/2014, 52/2014 – corr., 47/2015, 40/2016, 42/2017, 71/2017 , 55/2018, 3/2019, 17/2019 – other law, 47/2019, 72/2019 and 74/2020)...

Dualmon project working group meeting


Representatives of the Agency for Quality Control and Assurance in Higher Education, as partners in the project “Strengthening the capacity for the implementation of dual education in Montenegrin higher education – DUALMON“, attended a meeting of the working group for developing a...

Finalized project „Bologna peer group on QA: staff mobility“


The project “Bologna Peer Group on Quality Assurance: Staff Mobility”, has began in 2019 and published its Final Report. The project was coordinated by the Flemish, Cypriot and Georgian quality assurance agencies, and was participated by representatives of quality assurance institutions...

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