Dualmon project working group meeting

Representatives of the Agency for Quality Control and Assurance in Higher Education, as partners in the project “Strengthening the capacity for the implementation of dual education in Montenegrin higher education – DUALMON“, attended a meeting of the working group for developing a generic model of higher dual education. The meeting was held on December 8, 2021 in the premises of the Faculty of Economics.

The topic of the meeting was the discussion on the draft proposal for the development of a generic model of dual higher education, as well as on the comments of the representatives of the partner institutions. On that occasion, the efforts made so far in the development of the generic model were emphasized and useful guidelines for its further improvement were provided. Representatives of the partner institutions made several recommendations in order to further clarify potential doubts within the draft model proposal, in order to prepare the final version of the document. During the meeting, future activities on the development of the generic model were discussed, as well as the obligations of the institutions in the preparation of specific models.

It was concluded that in the coming period, special attention should be paid to the preparation of the final version of the generic model, specific models of institutions and the regulation of the legal framework for the implementation of the dual model in higher education.

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