Finalized project „Bologna peer group on QA: staff mobility“

The project “Bologna Peer Group on Quality Assurance: Staff Mobility”, has began in 2019 and published its Final Report. The project was coordinated by the Flemish, Cypriot and Georgian quality assurance agencies, and was participated by representatives of quality assurance institutions from all countries of the European Higher Education Area. The purpose of the project was to provide the opportunity for staff exchange in national agencies so they could gain knowledge and experience in specific aspects of quality assurance. ACQAHE sent four employees to the Austrian (AQA), Portuguese (A3ES) and Croatian (ASHE) agencies on topics: improvement of the legal framework, development of the research component and information system, as well as implementation of European standards and guidelines, respectively. Experiences gained through interaction with colleagues from other agencies have been of great importance for strengthening the capacities of employees and are applied in many aspects of AKOKVO’s work.



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