Study visit within the BAQUAL project held in France

Topic: exchange of experience between two higher education systems and presentation of the BAQUAL project

Study visit period: June 13-16, 2022

ACQAHE representatives conducted a study visit to French higher education institutions within the framework of the BAQUAL project for the purpose of exchanging experience, as well as for the purpose of presenting the activities and results achieved within the framework of the BAQUAL project.

Meetings were held with three institutions:

  1. University of the Cote d’Azur
  2. High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education – HCERES
  3. Université PSL

During the meeting with the employees of the Cote d’Azur University, representatives of ACQAHE got acquainted with the way and methods used by the university for the purpose of improving teaching staff. They were presented with an online platform that consists of a series of training – from improved managerial skills to digital competences and database management. They also learned about the establishment of the Balkan Institute for Education and Innovation (BISI), which carries out activities such as innovative projects and professional training, with the aim of connecting faculty departments, students and the private sector. The institute will also be a regional university camp, all with the aim of unifying the research and innovation capacities of the Balkan countries. Representatives of ACQAHE also discussed the possibilities of cooperation and contribution to the work of the aforementioned institute through the goals that will be achieved by the BAQUAL project.

The representatives of ACQAHE got acquainted with the method of preparation and the concept of the study for the development of the lifelong learning program which is being prepared for equivalent programs at the University of the Cote d’Azur. The topic of potential joint cooperation in new projects through which Cote d’Azur University would provide professional support to institutions of higher education in Montenegro was also opened.

During the visit to the national French agency for quality assurance HCERES, representatives of ACQAHE exchanged experiences related to the work of the agency itself and the processes of implementation of evaluation procedures. Since HCERES started its work in 2006, their experience was extremely important to ACQAHE. In addition to the above, it was important to ACQAHE that HCERES is a member of ENQA and that it recently renewed said membership, more precisely in 2022. ACQAHE faces the challenge of becoming a member of ENQA in the coming period, which is why the HCERES experience was extremely useful for them.

On the fourth day, ACQAHE representatives visited PSL University, which is currently ranked first, as the best “new” university in Paris. PSL University has devoted a lot of attention to the improvement of teaching competencies and organizes professional training courses aimed at improving the teaching competencies of the academic staff.

The study visit to French institutions of higher education fully met expectations, and the experience gained will significantly contribute to the development of a similar program for improving the teaching competencies of teachers in higher education in Montenegro.

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