The evaluation of the new supplementary standard on academic integrity in the reaccreditation procedure of higher education institutions begins

By adopting the new supplementary standard, AKOKVO undertakes to evaluate the mechanisms of academic integrity and the strengthening of the culture of integrity during the external evaluation procedures of higher education institutions. It primarily refers to the detection, monitoring and prevention of all forms of violation of academic integrity and risk management in self-evaluation procedures and activity plans. The institution will not be reaccredited if not fulfill the criteria related to the named standard. The quality of a higher education system is inseparable from the values of academic integrity that contribute to the improvement of the culture of quality in higher education institutions, as well as among all other stakeholders of the system. The supplementary standard was developed in the “Quality Education for All” Project (Council of Europe) and represents an additional effort in implementation of the provisions of the Law on Academic Integrity.

You can find the standard, form of self-evaluation report and report for reaccreditation here.

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