Training for preparation of the re-accreditation process at the University of Montenegro

In order to prepare for the re-accreditation of the University of Montenegro, representatives of the Agency for Control and Quality Assurance of High Education, on February 2, 2022, held a training for representatives of all organizational units of the University of Montenegro (UoM).

During the training, procedures and standards defined by law and bylaws were presented, according to which the Higher education institution is obliged to submit a request for re-accreditation at least six months before the expiration of accreditation valid for UoM until the end of study 2021/22. years. The procedure is conducted on the basis of the Rules on the procedure of re-accreditation of a higher education institution. The stages of this procedure and deadlines were presented by Tamara Đuričković, independent advisor and coordinator of evaluation procedures at the Agency.

The self-evaluation report, which is an integral part of the request for re-accreditation of the institution, was explained by Ana Rutović, also an independent advisor and coordinator of evaluation procedures in the Agency. The report includes a total of 10 standards consisting of criteria harmonized with European standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG).

These are the following standards related to: quality assurance policy; development and approval of programs; student-centered learning, teaching and testing; student enrollment, their advancement recognition and certification; teaching staff; learning resources and student support; information management; informing the public; continuous monitoring and periodic review of the program; cyclical external quality assurance. Fulfillment of the criteria leads to re-accreditation of the institution.

In an open discussion, after the presentations, the representatives of the Agency expressed their readiness to clarify and answer subsequently all additional questions of the representatives of UCG, in the started process of re-accreditation of the institution.

In addition to the representatives of the organizational units of UoM, the trainings were also attended by the vice-rectors of UoM, prof. dr Veselin Mićanović and prof. dr. Sanja Pekovic.

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